Aftermarket terms and conditions


All published prices and quoted prices are list prices. The price list is maintained and updated on our website. Dealers may utilize the parts order form for efficient order management. Prices are subject to change without notice and will be honored for 30 days provided sufficient support is provided. For parts not appearing in this list, price and availability may be requested by submission of a Special Parts Pricing Form. The dealer must include/provide the following information to allow for efficient communications including dealer code, product model, serial number (see Serial Number Identification Plates), original order number if available, manual number, and/or drawing reference.

Effective September 1st, 2006, the standard discount is set at 30% for all sales. The dealer has no obligation to maintain the M.S.L.P.

Special discounts may only be approved and authorized by the Parts Manager.

It is our company policy to sell parts through our authorized dealer network and as such, an account must be established and be in good standing. In the event of non-dealer enquiries, we will do our best to direct these inquiries to an authorized dealer.

Payments & Discounts

Standard terms are NET 30 days. Accounts over 60 days in arrears will be placed on automatic credit hold – no ship status until the account is brought back to good standing.

Parts Identification and Inquiries

Owner’s manuals are supplied with each product that is shipped from the factory. This manual is to serve as the primary source for part number identification. Dealers must spend the time to look up the part and part number before soliciting the manufacturer for assistance.

In the event the manual cannot be sourced, the manual can be downloaded from our website. We strive to maintain the most current issue on web and dealers should visit the website for regular updates. Requests for replacement printed hard copies or multiple copies available through the Parts Department at a cost of $50 NET, each.

Parts pricing and inquiries can be performed within the protected dealer log-in section. This service is provided only to our authorized dealers and a valid access password must be obtained. Contact the CSR group for assistance.

For parts not listed within the owner’s manual (for products older than 10 years old, see Obsolete Section), the dealer must submit the inquiry or call in for assistance, providing the following information to allow for efficient communications including dealer code, product model, serial number (see Serial Number Identification Plates), original order number (if available), manual number, and/or drawing reference including but not limited to any OEM numbers/markings appearing on the part itself. Parts that cannot easily be identified over the phone may be photographed & emailed to the factory for ease of identification. Alternatively, and if pre-approved by the Parts Manager, the unidentified part may be shipped, at dealers expense, to the factory.

Serial Number Identification Plates

All products leave the factory with an original serial plate or identification sticker affixed to the unit. It is important to ensure that the serial number is always provided when requesting assistance from the factory.

Location of Serial Plates

  • Dock Levelers: stationary toe guard (side) plus stamped on the rear channel
  • Edge-of-Docks: bumper block
  • Scissor Lifts: stationary toe guard (fixed end)
Serial identification numbers are also affixed to power packs and control stations.

  • Manual Pallet Trucks: hanger (inside)
  • Electric Pallet Trucks: chassis plus stamped on the chassis
  • Lift Trucks: Mast plus stamped on the chassis

Recommended Spare Parts

Effective parts management and the responsibility of serving the customer quickly during stressful downtime are not to be burdened solely by the manufacturer. The authorized dealer should maintain a regular inventory of recommended spare parts as deemed appropriate by the factory.

Regular inventory replenishment will allow the factory to better schedule the dealer’s requirements and avoid undue rush order expediting. For loading dock equipment, the inventory list has been expanded to level for both the service vehicles and the dealership. This information is available in the recommended spare parts section of our website.

Order Types

Rush Orders for stocked parts (must identify rush, same day). 25% discount applies The order will ship same day provided order received before 12:00pm EST and factory preferred carrier used.

Daily Orders for stocked parts: 30% standard discount.The order will ship next day provided order received by 12:00pm EST and factory preferred carrier used.

Stock Orders for stocked parts and/or recommended spare parts. 35% standard discount. The order will ship within five business days from receipt of order. Applies to orders with values greater than $3,600 LIST (before freight and taxes).


Parts orders will be accepted by mail, fax or e-mail. To assist in streamlining the order process, the factory recommends that dealers utilize our Parts Order Form. In the event the dealer utilizes their own vehicle to order parts, the dealer must ensure that the pertinent information found with the factory document is included with the dealer submission.

To protect both the dealer and the factory from miscommunications that may result shipping the incorrect part and subsequent frustrations, verbal purchase orders are not accepted. All orders, whether verbal or written will require an accepted order acknowledgement (see "Order Acknowledgements” below).

Once an order is entered into the system, it cannot be added to, deleted from or changed unless a discrepancy is noted and at that time, the factory will take necessary actions to correct the order.

Additions to existing orders should be submitted under a new purchase order. Requests to consolidate the shipment will be honored where deemed feasible.

Partial Ship vs. Ship Complete

Unless identified otherwise by the dealer at time of order, the standard practice is to ship quantities available at time of order and back order the remaining. Partial shipments may be deemed appropriate from the factory as not to deplete 100% of inventories used to support the entire dealer network. Dealers wishing to minimize applicable freight charges must clearly identify on the original order "ship complete” whereby the entire order will ship together regardless of longer lead time items.

A partial shipment is based on a complete part, kit or assembly. The factory will not ship out an incomplete part, kit or assembly unless written confirmation to do so is received from the dealer.

Order Acknowledgments

All orders and accepted quotations will be followed up with an Order confirming quantity, part numbers, part description, ship to address, purchase order number, expected lead times and other information that may pertain to the order. Order Acknowledgements must be returned and accepted before order can be processed.

Minimum Parts Order Value

Parts orders are subject to a minimum order value. The minimum value for a parts order (before freight and taxes) is $25 NET. Orders that are received less than this value are subject to an administration fee that will be applied in order to equal the sum of $25 and will be entered as a separate line item identified as "min-ord." The dealer is encouraged to consolidate orders prior to submitting to the factory to avoid unnecessary charges.

Non-Cancelable Orders

In many cases, there is a need to request quotation for parts that are considered to be "special," with longer lead times than normal. The parts may include manufactured parts, older parts or items not identified in the manuals provided. The quote from the factory will identify the terms and conditions of these orders if accepted. The serial number of the existing unit must be provided. An Order Acknowledgement will still be required (see above).

Orders for non-cancelable special parts are non-cancelable and non-returnable. The price quoted is exempt from discounts and will be quoted at NET dealer prices.

Dangerous Goods

To avoid unnecessary freight surcharges and documentation that could make shipping certain parts and components prohibitive across the border, the following items are excluded from shipping through the factory Parts Department and may require the dealer to source locally.
  • Hydraulic fluid found in cylinders, power pack reservoirs, etc. (Acceptable alternatives that can be sourced locally include Dextron III and N32 hydraulic fluid.)
  • Touch-up paint (This can be sourced through our National Supplier program, see Dock Accessories, sub Paint, on our website.)
  • Wet filled batteries

Obsolete / Product Support Limitations

As an original equipment manufacturer, we are obligated to support the product in aftermarket parts sales up to 10 years. The first two digits of the product serial number identifies the year the product was manufactured. We will do our utmost to source replacement parts, however, we are not obligated to source the part if the unit is over 10 years old and the part is no longer used in the regular manufacture of the existing product line.

The dealer must source drive units (new or rebuild) for discontinued or older generation products. Requests should not be forwarded to the factory for components such as gearboxes, motors, contactors, etc.

For your convenience, we post on our website an Obsolete Parts list. These parts may be in stock as a result of discontinued products, product improvements and/or overstocked due to minimum order requirements. These parts are available on a first come, first served basis and will not be replenished. If it is no longer published on the website, it is no longer available.


All prices are FOB factory. Please ensure that detailed shipping instructions appear on all orders. Collect shipments must clearly identify the carrier of choice and account number to be billed. Returned and/or refused shipments resulting in back-charges to the factory will be billed back to the dealer at cost plus an additional $25 NET administration fee.

Collect shipments e.g. carriers other than our preferred carriers listed (see Preferred Carriers) must allow up to an additional 24 hours for shipping as non-preferred carriers may not respond to the original call for pick up request on a timely manner.

The dealer may also opt for prepay and add terms whereby the factory arranges shipment through preferred carriers and/or couriers. Due to volume discounts, we pass the savings along to the dealers. Freight charges will be added and appear on your parts invoices.

For dealer orders marked pick up, the Parts Department will notify the dealer when the order is ready for pick up. If the order is not picked up within two days from the first notification, the factory will ship out the order via a preferred carrier or courier, terms prepay and add. The freight charges will be added to your parts invoice.

Freight charges and / or claims resulting from loss or damage to goods in transit are the responsibility of the dealer. Always mark noticeable damages and deficiencies on the proof of delivery slip before accepting the shipment. The factory cannot assist if the dealer does not act first.

Preferred Carriers

For shipments within USA: UPS Ground (up to 80 lbs per box) / Conway (over 80 lbs skidded)
For shipments within Canada: Purolator (up to 80 lbs per box) / Conway (over 80 lbs skidded)
For shipments within Mexico: Freight forwarder must be specified by dealer
For all other destinations: Freight forwarder must be specified by dealer

Parts Warranty Policy

The following guidelines and documentation have been assembled to assist our distribution network in administering parts orders, warranty claims and other related policies as it applies to aftermarket sales. The warranty policies are a statement of the factory's intent to rectify component or parts failures resulting from defective materials or substandard workmanship at the time of manufacture. No other responsibility is implied or assumed. Furthermore, the factory assumes no responsibility or liability for consequential damages of any kind that may result from the sale of any component or parts. The factory will deem whether or not a defective component or part is required to be returned with the warranty claim. A step by step Warranty process can be viewed on-line and the Warranty Claim form can be downloaded from our website.

Warranty Period

All replacement components and/or parts are warranted for a period of 90 days from date of shipment.