Blue Giant Launches Enhanced Vertical Storing Dock Leveler


The Blue Giant Vertical Storing Dock Leveler is a preferred solution for climate-controlled and energy-efficient facilities and applications. 

In accordance with a company commitment to continuous product development, Blue Giant has designed and released the VL Dock Leveler, a next-generation model that adds greater levels of safety and versatility to dock operations.

“The VL is engineered for superior environmental control and safe, secure working conditions,” says Jeff Miller, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Blue Giant. “To provide our customers with access to the latest loading dock technology, we have taken a successful product and made it even better.”

The VL includes new safety and operating features that are unique to Blue Giant:

  • The IntelliTilt™ technology uses a precision-based inclinometer to ensure safe and accurate dock positioning, while SmartFloat™ allows the deck to seamlessly match trailer movement during loading and unloading.
  • The unique EasyClean™ deck hinge configuration has no dirt entrapment points, preserving hygiene levels and enabling smooth cross-docking at any grade angle.
  • When the dock is returned to the stored position after use, SoftPark™ protective cushioning shields the deck cylinder, preserving equipment integrity. 

The VL Vertical Storing Dock Leveler is a solution for the special challenges faced by businesses that handle food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and other environment-sensitive products. When not in use, the unit is parked in the upright position, allowing the overhead doors to close completely and minimizing entry points for added cleanliness and security.  An integral safety stand provides added support to the built-in maintenance strut, providing safe access to the pit and the underside of the dock during maintenance and cleaning.

The VL is operated using the Blue Genius™ Gold Series I Touch Control Panel, which has flat-surface touch buttons and a keypad for easy management of all deck operations.  The LCD screen delivers clear operational, diagnostic, and troubleshooting messages in real-time while the STOP button halts the dock in mid-travel during an emergency condition.

“The VL dock leveler is stored in the upright position, allowing trailers to back tightly against the dock before the overhead door is opened,” says Gerard Biasutto, Director of Technical Development at Blue Giant.  “This drive-thru application enables trailer doors to open directly into the building, forming an effective seal and preventing loss of conditioned air as well as keeping debris and other contaminants out. The VL is a natural first choice when quoting LEED certified projects.”