Bug Screen Doors Now Available

Spring is here, and as the weather grows warmer, more facility managers will want to leave their overhead doors open.

Access to fresh air and natural light enhance employee well-being, but open doors also invite pest infiltration, trespassing, and theft. The solution? Blue Giant bug screen doors.
Bug screen doors create a comfortable work environment while cutting down on energy bills. Typical applications include loading bays, distribution centers, and warehouses. By enabling a pest-free facility, Blue Giant bug screen doors can help food processing and pharmaceutical locations to meet FDA and AIB requirements.
Product Details
  • Modular design: panels are interchangeable, enabling quick and easy repairs
  • Extruded aluminum wind bars: Up to 50% stronger than other stiffeners to combat high winds and negative pressure
  • Breakaway bars on the bottom section: prevent the door from breaking if hit
  • Extruded aluminum guide tracks: Reduce friction and prevent aluminum dust
Different door sizes and mounting options are available to suit site requirements.