Banish Trailer Hinge Gaps with the new Blue Giant HingeMaster™

Blue Giant is pleased to announce the launch of the HingeMaster™, a leading-edge dock shelter solution that seals hinge gaps on barn door-style trailers while allowing full and unrestricted access to the trailer interior.

When barn-style trailer doors are open, the resulting gaps between the door and the trailer create the equivalent of a 2-1/2 sq. foot hole in your building wall. The HingeMaster™ design, with its polypropylene J-Hooks, latches onto the sides of the trailer, closing off the hinge gaps and maintaining a snug seal while allowing full unrestricted access to the rear of the trailer.
“The HingeMaster™ is specially designed to maintain high energy efficiency standards” says Jeff Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Blue Giant. “The polypropylene J-Hooks support a consistent top-to-bottom seal without interfering with loading and unloading of trailers."

When an incoming trailer backs into the loading dock, the HingeMaster™ J-hooks automatically latch onto the sides of the trailer and close off the hinge gaps. This superior sealing ability ensures compatibility with facilities requiring strict climate control and / or high cleanliness levels, such as food, beverage, and pharmaceuticals storage. Because the resulting seal does not obstruct forklifts, the HingeMaster™ is also a solution for bottling plants, automotive facilities, and other applications requiring full access to the trailer.

The HingeMaster™ structural efficiencies include:
  • Foam side frames that can withstand impact, avoiding damage from misaligned trailers
  • High-visibility yellow guide stripes that make accurate trailer placement easier
  • A raked head frame that diverts rainwater away from the loading dock floor

“A lot of managers have a hard time deciding if they want a dock shelter or dock seal,” says Dave Mueller, Blue Giant Director of Business Development, Seals and Aftermarket. “Conventional dock seals close off hinge gaps but don’t support full access, while shelters provide full access but don’t seal hinge gaps. With the HingeMaster™ you get the best of both options: a tight seal with full trailer access.”