Big Joe by Blue Giant Introduces the CB-33 Walkie Counterbalanced Stacker


Blue Giant Equipment Corporation has added a new walkie counterbalanced stacker to its Big Joe by Blue Giant line of AC-powered industrial trucks.

The CB-33, which has a 3300lb load capacity, can transport and stack pallets that straddle stackers find challenging to handle.


"The CB-33 is high-performing while remaining easy to use,” says Jeff Miller, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Blue Giant. “It’s an excellent fit for most pedestrian forklift applications, from warehouses and retail outlets to product distribution and general transportation."

The energy-efficient AC motor delivers steady acceleration and travel speeds of up to 3.1mph under load, and a multi-function steering control handle enables superior load handling control and maneuverability. The optimized gear design reduces noise emissions during use, resulting in a quieter, more employee-friendly workplace.

Barry Miwa, Sales Manager for the Blue Giant industrial trucks division, says that the CB-33 also has a feature that a lot of walkie industrial trucks don’t: a power steering system.

"Power steering provides a faster, more reliable steering response. There are also ergonomic benefits: the handle is easier to move when the truck is in a stand-still position."

No matter what the material handling application, the CB-33 combines high capacity with improved productivity, making it an asset anywhere that palletized load-handling takes place.