Secure Your Loading Dock with the StrongArm RVR303™

Blue Giant is pleased to announce the launch of the RVR303, the latest solution in the award-winning StrongArm™ vehicle restraint series. This new hydraulic restraint has a recessed hook design that is compatible with the newest challenges facing the material handling industry.

“The RVR303 meets the changing needs of loading dock customers,” confirms Jeff Miller, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Blue Giant. “Growing trends like intermodal shipping have created a greater variation in trailer configurations. The RVR303 is designed to safely and intelligently accommodate both standard and non-standard ICC bars, making it a genuine asset in today’s changing dock environment.”
When the RVR303 is activated, the hook detects and secures a trailer’s ICC bar using 35,000lbs (15,909kgs) of restraining force. A heavy-duty extension spring ensures constant contact, even with air-ride trailers, while the Blue Giant VersaLock™ technology maintains a snug hold throughout the horizontal operating range. When not in use, it stores within the dock face, making driveway maintenance easier and more efficient.
Additional specifications: 
  • Services trucks with ICC bars from 8” to 30” (203 to 762 mm) above grade
  • Horizontal restraining range is up to 14” (356 mm)  beyond the face of the dock
  • Stores off the ground, to remain clear of the debris zone
  • Heavy-duty brush seal keeps snow, ice, and debris way from the restraint apparatus
  • May be left engaged overnight to deter trailer theft
The RVR303 is operated using the Blue Genius™ Gold Series II Touch Control Panel, which has flat-surface touch buttons and a keypad for easy management of all deck operations.  The LCD screen delivers clear operational, diagnostic, and troubleshooting messages in real-time while the STOP button halts equipment motion during an emergency condition.
“The RVR303 holds strong even during the most unique or demanding applications,” says Gerard Biasutto, Director of Technical Development at Blue Giant. “Because it is so versatile, it will cope equally well with current and future loading dock requirements.”