Blue Giant Dock Seals and Shelters: Now Elite

Blue Giant Dock Seals and Shelters have always added value wherever they are installed. They enable a tight seal to keep contaminants out and conditioned air in, and create a safer workplace by preventing rain and ice from accumulating in the loading area. Blue Giant is excited to announce the launch of an Elite series of high-performance loading dock seals and shelters that accomplishes all this, and more.

“The Elite Series meets several needs at once,” says Jeff Miller, Blue Giant Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Each model maintains a tight contact area against the trailer, which prevents refrigerated air loss in cold storage facilities and keeps energy costs more stable. By supporting a superior level of energy-efficiency, the Elite Series improves a site’s eligibility for government incentives.”

The three Elite dock seals and shelters are designed and engineered to meet the unique requirements of each loading dock.

  • Adjustable Inflatable: This versatile inflatable dock seal has vertical air bags that sustain a tighter seal, keeping perishable product secure and maintaining strict climate control. The header air bag is completely retracted when not in use, preventing impact damage from incoming trailers.
  • Stationary Inflatable: Like traditional dock shelters, this unit allows full access to trailer interiors, but header and vertical air bags maintain a solid seal that preserves internal temperatures and keeps out rain and snow.
  • Air Frame Inflatable: A durable inflatable dock shelter that also supports full trailer access, this air frame inflatable has a wear-resistant design that conforms to all trailer irregularities, blocking gaps that could cost money.

When integrated into a dock equipment combination operated by the Blue Genius™ Gold or Platinum Series, each unit in the Elite Series is automatically activated. This controlled deployment and retraction extends the working life of the seal or shelter by lowering the risk of trailer collision.

“Every unit in the Elite Series maintains a snug hold against the sides and top of a trailer, creating an energy-efficient seal without obstructing access to loads,” says Dave Mueller, Director, Business Development, Seals and Aftermarket at Blue Giant. “With cold storage solutions more in demand than ever before, Blue Giant meets customer needs with durable, high-performing inflatable dock seals and shelters that they can rely on.”