Keep Your Profits Flowing and Business in Motion with Blue Giant AirFlow HVLS Fans

Since 1963 Blue Giant has been a leading solutions provider in the loading dock and material handling industry. We are proud to continue this tradition of product innovation with the Blue Giant AirFlow Series of HVLS fans, which combines a sleek silhouette with leading-edge technology and spectacular results.

An innovative airfoil system and ultra-effective wingtip fences make Blue Giant AirFlow fans more efficient than conventional HVLS fans. Each unit has an aerospace-inspired blade design that moves more cool air in summer and distributes ceiling-level heat in winter, complementing existing HVAC systems and reducing energy bills by up to 30%.
The Blue Giant AirFlow Series consists of two powerful and sustainable models, both of which come in a range of blade sizes. In addition to helping end users reduce their energy consumption, all fans can be custom-designed for their intended application.

  • Eagle VI: Ranging in diameter from 12’ to 24’, the impressive six-blade Eagle VI propels air effectively through larger spaces such as warehouses, stadiums, and sports arenas. Heating and cooling costs are substantially decreased while employee comfort and productivity are increased.
  • Falcon III: The compact three-blade design and industry-leading efficiency of the Falcon III evenly distributes air in a given space, reducing the strain on heating systems and lowering HVAC costs. Blade sizes of 6’ to 14’ keep small to medium-sized location comfortable all year round.
For greater operating efficiency, the AutoPilot can be ordered in lieu of the standard fan controller. This intelligent HVLS control system allows easy tuning of individual speed adjustments, change of rotation, and multiple fans with just a touch of the screen.

The Blue Giant AirFlow Series is an exciting addition to our product portfolio. It represents a significant investment into our HVLS product line and increases the visibility of the Blue Giant brand. The fans will also be distributed and supported directly by Blue Giant, allowing us to maintain our commitment to being a superior solution provider.