dock equipment terms and conditions

Special business terms and conditions pertaining to COVID-19:

As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the globe, countries, states/provinces and individual cities are taking measures to contain the virus including wide spread lockdowns, shelter in place orders, and orders for non essential business to shut down. In addition, companies have chosen to suspend operations amid the outbreak for the safety of employees and/or assessing staying open is not practical under the circumstances. 
At Blue Giant we have assessed the areas from which we operate and are considered essential workplaces.  In the province of Ontario, manufacturers, commercial/industrial maintenance operations and businesses that are part of the supply chain are considered essential. In North Carolina, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain for critical products and industries are considered essential. Some of our key supplier partners, however, have temporarily closed or have been restricted from transporting products.   
Many of our customers and partners include hospitals/healthcare facilities, food manufacturing and distribution, pharmaceutical, transportation and institutional construction that require our equipment, supplies, repair parts and services to continue operations.  
As a result, we take our responsibility seriously and while we are able to do so legally, and safely with the support of our employees we commit to continue operations to support essential business and supply chains many of whom directly or indirectly are essential at this difficult time.
While we understand that regulations vary by jurisdiction and that the rules are changing rapidly many Blue Giant Dealers are still operating, some in a reduced capacity while others have ceased direct operations while still employing staff working from home and using tele/video conferencing. 
Together we must increase our communication effectiveness and therefore we are enforcing the following protocols and policies effective immediately:


We continue to have associates working from home to support your sales efforts, including engineering and technical support.

Some items to note regarding quotations at this time:
FREIGHT quotes – Freight quotes are current estimates, actual freight costs may vary especially at this time as brokers are indicating the supply of trailers and drivers are restricted. Freight rates will be confirmed at time of shipment.
ON APPROVED CREDIT (OAC) – see Payment Policies
LEAD TIMES - Lead times are subject to our ability to stay open and procure necessary supplies. 
Contact your Account Manager to verify availability of products and options. 

Order AcknowledgemenT:

To ensure a positive communication protocol, ALL EQUIPMENT ORDERS MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED AND ACCEPTED AS IT PERTAINS TO THE ESTIMATED SHIP DATE WITHIN 24 HOURS. Only Order Acknowledgments that have been confirmed will be scheduled for manufacturing. This involves an email confirmation of acceptance of the date to

Note that all parts orders, unless specified on the Purchase Order, will be shipped as soon as the part becomes available. 

Storage and Storage Fees:

Upon completion of built to order equipment it is important that Dealers make arrangements to pick up the products or provide the necessary shipping details such that the products can be picked up within 3 days after call for pickup by our Logistics department.   

Any decision to store products will be at the discretion of Blue Giant, and if Blue Giant agrees to store products, Dealer shall pay Blue Giant prevailing storage rates along with any freight, delivery and handling fees for the storage location. 
Subject to availability at off-site location. Estimated rates are as follows: 

  • Dock Levelers - $20 per unit / per day
  • Dock Lifts - $75 per unit / per day
  • Dock Seals & Shelters - $20 per unit or $80 per skid (48” x 84” pallet) per day
  • Other $30 per skid (48” x 48” pallet) or $80 per skid (48” x 84” pallet) per day

Cancellation Policy:

Once the equipment order or built to order aftermarket part order is acknowledged by the Dealer the ORDER CANNOT BE CANCELLED.  

If any stocked products or stocked aftermarket parts Purchase Order is cancelled by the Dealer in whole or in part, the portion cancelled will be subject to a 25% restocking charge.  

Dealer may request Blue Giant store the products, but any decision to store products will be at the discretion of Blue Giant.
See Storage and Storage Fees section.  

Invoicing Policies:

Blue Giant invoices products as follows:
Built to order manufactured products are invoiced upon manufacturing completion or the requested date as referenced on the Purchase Order – whichever is later.
Stocked products are invoiced upon shipment; (Exception: any stocked products held for pick-up, shipment instruction or upon request from Dealer to be held will be invoiced). 

Payment Policies:  

Dealers are required to pay all undisputed invoices per customer terms, based on calendar days from invoice date.
Dealers are required to keep the total of all outstanding invoices plus orders placed under the credit limit granted by Blue Giant.

Payment methods accepted include cheques/checks; Digital payments (EFT / ACH / Wire); Credit Card payments up to $30,000 (by VISA or MasterCard). CASH is not accepted.  

Note that digital payments are preferred at this time, with digital payments ensure that your financial institution provides a list of invoices you are paying or send an email to with the direction. Should your office be closed for an extended period, make arrangements to communicate this to Blue Giant accounting through, we will make exceptions on a case by case basis and will review the situation before we extend further credit or suspend further shipments or holding orders / shipments. Blue Giant suggests that those Dealers make arrangements with Blue Giant for a one-time future pre-authorized debit; a post-dated check/cheque, or an on-line payment during office shutdowns. Payments can also be directed to be put ‘on account’ with application to individual invoices to be provided upon re-opening.
We will continue to monitor events as they develop and quickly respond to the shifting conditions to ensure the safety of our associates and dealers. Should you have any questions please contact your Account Manager.