Dock Pit Type

Blue Giant offers several loading dock pit construction methods that assist in saving time, money and effort in installation requirements for your loading dock leveler. Selecting the appropriate method is a critical step in establishing a safe, secure and efficient loading dock, at time of construction.

Several loading dock pit construction methods are available from pre-installed pour-in pan dock levelers, prefabricated pit kits and curb angle sets. Contact your Blue Giant dealer to help assist with proper selection to your unique construction need.


Improve construction site safety and reduce liability of having an open loading dock pit. Pre-installed pour-in pan dock levelers, save time, money and effort in building a square pit for all models of standard loading dock levelers. Pour-in pan dock levelers eliminate the need for pre-pit forming, simply set and install the pour-in pan dock leveler onto the pre-poured dock pit floor.

Two (2) styles of pour-in pans are available:

• 3-sided pit panel with bottom pan, with front curb angle
• 3-sided pit panel with front curb angle


Provides all the construction advantages of a pour-in dock leveler while eliminating the problems of handling and positioning the dock leveler months before it is needed. Ensures accurate pit dimensions and squareness. First curb angle not shown.


Blue Giant offers several curb angle configurations are available with this style of pit construction, which include 4 PC, 6 PC and 8 PC curb angle kits.