Leveler Width and Length


Blue Giant dock levelers are available in several standard widths 5'-0", 6'-0", 6'-6" and 7'-0" widths, depending on the specific model. The majority of trailers overall widths being 8'-6" wide, with an inside width of 8'-0", the 6'-0" wide dock leveler is adequate for most facility operations, allowing for safe fork truck traffic at speeds less than 4 mph and the ability to accommodate narrower trailers.

However, if your facility usually loads pallets side-by-side, a wider dock leveler should be considered. The wider dock leveler allows the best access for below dock and end loading access for side-by-side pallet loading/unloading. The extra dock leveler width allows for straight-in and straight-out fork lift traffic. This avoids time-consuming maneuvering when the loads approach the rear of the trailer. The wider dock leveler provides greater below dock access, where dock leveler pit walls may interfere with fork lift traffic access to loading/unloading materials from the trailer.

Wider dock levelers also aid in protecting against the accidental "edge-zone", which can occur at the side(s) of narrower dock levelers. When a fork lift gets caught in the "edge-zone" it is unsupported by the dock leveler and the possibility of dock separation can occur, which can lead to a crippling or fatal accident.


Blue Giant dock levelers are available in several standard lengths of 5'0", 6'-0", 8'-0", 10'-0" and 12'-0" lengths, depending on the specific model. One of the most important consideration in dock leveler length selection, is the consideration of dock to truck bed height ranges and underclearance requirement of the material handling equipment used to load/unload material from the truck. Added dock leveler length lowers the dock leveler grade in and out of the truck, increases dock safety, adds to dock leveler life, reduces potential for spillage/damage of materials and increases loading dock efficiency.

Material handling loading equipment have grade limitations, the Maximum Height Differential (Dock to Truck Bed) Chart depicts general material handling loading equipment grades to height difference and dock leveler lengths.

Note: Consult material handling loading equipment manufacture for recommended maximum grade capabilities.


Blue Giant dock levelers lips are available in several lengths of 16", 18", 20" or 24" lengths depending on the specific model. The standard industry lip length for loading dock levelers is 16". Dock leveler lip at a minimum needs to maintain 4" to 6" effective lip contact with the bed of the truck/trailer. Proper lip projection requires consideration of the dock bumper thickness, the truck/trailer bumper thickness, driveway approach, as well as truck/trailer bed recess at the back end of the truck/trailer. Typically longer lips will always be required when refrigerated trailers are used.