Prepare & Prevent Instead of Repair & Regret

When the cold weather sets in, it’s time to assess your loading dock area and confirm that it is equipped for a safe, productive, and energy-efficient winter operation. Frigid temperatures, freezing rain, and blowing, drifting snow can drive up operating costs and create hazardous working conditions. Follow this simple inspection list to maintain your equipment.

Winter maintenance checklist 

Inspect and maintain:

1.        Dock Seals and Shelters
2.        Weather Seals
3.        Draft Seals
4.        Stuffer Pads

Please inspect dock and door equipment for any damage or wear caused by the busy operation of the dock leveler. Damaged and worn dock seals must be maintained and replaced because it influences the effectiveness of the entire operation. Without an effective and efficient seal, dock operations are at risk of energy loss from warm air leaving the building during the loading/unloading process, which affects the operating expenses. This can also put employees, products and equipment at risk from the slippery conditions landing on leveler due to sealing accessories malfunction. 

Structural Integrity Check

1.      Check the dock area for openings and leaks

  • Moisture can freeze and suspend the power unit from pumping oil, which will interrupt the operation
  • Moisture can cause the pump and cylinder to rust

2.      Check your dock equipment structure 

  • Inspect your equipment for loose components and fittings 
  • Check for any possible oil leaks

3.      Check your maintenance plan and perform operational greasing

  • Check oil level in the reservoir annually. Look for any signs of moisture in the oil (oil has a cloudy/milky appearance when moisture is present). If moisture is present, change the oil and flush the hoses and cylinders. (refer to owner’s manual)

Equip your Dock Leveler area with
Blue Giant sealing solutions and start saving today.  

Energy Seal Plus

Bottom Door Draft Seals

Stuffer Pads

Made of triangular open cell foam covered in a reinforced vinyl. Secondary seal assembly ensures protection when the dock leveler is in use. Rear hinge assembly flexes when the dock leveler raises and lowers, preserving the seal.

Seals the gap under the existing overhead door caused by the dock leveler or an uneven floor.

Eliminate gaps at the loading dock area. Reduce energy costs by sealing the space on each side of the dock leveler.


Leveler Seal Wedges


Weather Seals

ROLLER Curtains

Leveler Seal Wedges

Gaps of up to 1" (25 mm) can exist between the sides and rear of the dock leveler and the pit wall. To reduce air loss or contamination from outdoor elements, minimize the gap with Blue Giant Weather Seal Kits. 

Reduces heating, cooling and maintenance costs. Helps prevent drafts. Includes mounting brackets and grommets on bottom edge 12" (305 mm) O.C. or retaining tabs as shown. 


Blue Giant Dock Leveler Wedges seal the gap between the pit wall and the dock leveler as additional insurance against energy loss.


Made from 16 oz Hypalon with closed-cell foam wedges. Custom sizes available.


Prepare & Prevent Instead of Repair & Regret