I-Beam Mechanical Dock Leveler

Mechanical I-beam dock leveler

The Blue Giant I-Beam mechanical dock leveler is a heavy-duty workhorse that can meet the challenges of the busiest loading docks.

Rated capacity of 50,000 lb (22,727 kg)

The I-Beam Advantage: Assured Motion Float

The I-Beam mechanical dock leveler has an innovative design that enables it to tilt up to 4" (102 mm) on either side when under load, allowing full width contact between the lip and truck bed. This unique feature, Assured Motion Float, prevents damage to forks, tires, steering system and load, thereby prolonging the working life of the dock leveler and improving cost of ownership.

PRODUCT Highlights

  • Dependable friction-type hold-down system reduces cross traffic bounce and provides instant hold at any point in the full operating range.

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  • Explosive substances (fertilizer storage, sawmills)
  • Box builds
  • Non-powered locations

available upgrades


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