Alternative Installs

Blue Giant pit upgrade kits are the answer to common dock leveler installation problems. These kits save time, money and effort by ensuring that your layout supports the correct installation of a pit-style dock leveler.

Available options:

  • Pour-in pans
  • Pit kits
  • Curb angle sets
  • Pour-in Pans

    Pre-installed pour-in pans save time, money and effort in building a square pit for all models of standard loading dock levelers. Simply set and install the pour-in pan dock leveler onto the pre-poured dock pit floor. Two styles of pour-in pan are available.

  • Pit Kits

    Provides all the construction advantages of a pour-in lock leveler while eliminating the problems of handling and positioning the dock leveler months before it is needed.
  • Curb Angle Kits

    Blue Giant offers several curb angle configurations: 4pc, 6pc and 8pc. Available for front, sides, and rear of the dock.
  • Free-Standing Frame

    Free-standing frames allow a dock leveler to be placed at sites that do not support a regular pit installation.