Auto-park is a safety feature that automatically returns the dock leveler to its stored position when a truck / trailer pulls away.

Why is this important? Hydraulic dock levelers are downward gravity biased. A hydraulic dock leveler moves up due to the energizing of the hydraulic system. When the system is powered off, the leveler's weight, combined with gravity, move it downward. A hydraulic dock leveler in its raised position will lower unless it is supported by hydraulic pressure, the truck bed or some other mechanical device (maintenance stand).

For a leveler without auto-park, when loading / unloading operations are complete and the truck / trailer pulls away, the deck and lip of a positioned leveler lower and come to rest on the leveler's bottom support stops. This creates a potentially dangerous recess in the dock floor. With auto-park, the leveler automatically returns to the "parked" position.

Fall-safe protection is provided by a velocity fuse (GPM hydraulic flow-rated device) located on the base of the hydraulic cylinder. When a forklift is on the deck and the truck / trailer pulls away, the velocity fuse will lock the cylinder and hold the deck in place. The resettable velocity fuse stops the leveler from lowering so the forklift does not roll off the dock. Once the forklift has safely vacated the deck, an attendant can reset the locked velocity fuse by touching the 'Deck' button.

Hydraulic dock levelers can be interlocked to other pieces of the loading dock equipment, such as vehicle restraints and overhead doors.

When interlocked to a vehicle restraint, the dock leveler cannot operate unless the trailer is properly restrained. A security code is incorporated to allow independent equipment operation if the trailer cannot be restrained.

Interlocking the loading dock equipment increases safety at the loading dock.

The Blue Genius™ has a touch button that allows the operator to stop deck movement in the event of an emergency. Another type of emergency stop button is a red mushroom-shaped button mounted on or near the control station. Pushing this button will stop the deck immediately.