seals and shelters FAQ

A dock seal is typically designed to enclose a loading dock reducing its width to tightly surround the top and sides of a parked trailer, while a dock shelter is designed to permit full access to the trailer without limiting or restricting the available space around the door. Spring steel stays slide along the sides of the trailer and do not compress like a dock seal. 
Inflatable shelters fit around the top and sides of a door opening to create a tight seal between the building wall and the truck. They are designed to be inflated to help prevent energy loss and maintain internal temperatures. The air bags are deflated before the trailer leaves the loading dock.
Every loading dock has its own unique requirements. Factors such as dock height and approach, bumper projection, door opening size, wall construction, trailer sizes, and amount of access needed to the trailer all need to be taken into account.  To assist architects and customers with correct product selection, Blue Giant has a Seal and Shelter Questionnaire that's easy to fill out and covers all main considerations.