rga procedure

This section is a step-by-step guidelines for dealers who want to return parts or product to the factory. It is fully understood that an RGA must be approved by Blue Giant and that Blue Giant shall have the right to make the final decision on what is approved or denied.
It is our policy to review an RGA in a timely manner and to supply the dealer with a claim number.  As such, the dealer is not authorized to deduct payment from outstanding account balances. Once the RGA is approved, a credit will be issued against the account, reducing the balance of the Accounts Receivable. It is the dealer's responsibility to ensure that the claim is received in a timely manner.  Please note that a 25% restocking charge will apply, where applicable.
In order to avoid unnecessary delays, please print information clearly and completely on the RGA form.


Step 1.
Fill in out all sections on the request for RGA form.
Step 2.
Submit the form via fax to 905.457.2313 Attn: Warranty Administrator or email a copy to customersupport@bluegiant.com
Step 3.
Please wait to receive the RGA number from the Warranty Administrator.  Sign the bottom of the form and include it when returning the part to Blue Giant.  Please remember to keep a copy for your records your RGA claim number can be referred to when inquiring about the status of the claim.  The dealer is required to prepay freight to return parts to Blue Giant.
Step 4.
When sending parts back to Blue Giant, all boxes must be clearly marked with the RGA number on the outside and addressed 'Attention: Warranty Department'. Include the RGA number in the reference box of the BOL. If the part is not returned within 30 days from the date of the RGA, the claim will be cancelled, and the file closed. It is imperative that the oil be drained (if applicable) on any returned part or component.
Step 5.
Once parts are received and inspected at Blue Giant, credit will be issued for parts that are returned in good working condition.  Blue Giant reserves the right to deny or limit credit for product or parts returned in condition other than authorized.