Blue Giant EPT-55 manual pallet truck
The EPT-55 Manual Pallet Truck has a robust and functional design that results in long-term use and dependability. 


  • 5,500 lb (2,487 kg)


  • 200-degree operational arc for excellent maneuverability
  • Ten full strokes to reach maximum elevated height of 7.8" (198 mm)
  • Simple and precise steering control and lift / lower functions
  • 52 ½" (1,334 mm) turning radius 
  • Climber rollers for easy entry into pallets
  • Lowering can be actuated by hand or foot pedal release


  • Large hand grip with curvilinear design and additional padding for easy and comfortable hold
  • Three position control lever (lift, neutral, lower) for fingertip control
  • Strong spring returns the handle to an upright position once released


  • Fork size: 27" x 48" (686 mm x 1,219 mm) standard
  • Tapered forks and entry and exit rollers support smooth pallet handling
  • Galvanized hydraulic pump with overload relief valve
  • Heavy-duty frame is constructed from a one-piece formed channel
  • Adjustable push rods make roller height adjustment easier
  • Cast-iron hangers for greater strength and longevity
  • Grease fitting and pushings at all pivot points for easy maintenance

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  • Any location where palletized loads need to be transported


  • 20 ½" x 48" (521 mm x 1,219 mm) forks
  • Galvanizing
  • Stainless steel

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