Blue Giant Equipment Corporation: Since 1963

The loading dock and material handling industry has evolved significantly during the last fifty years and Blue Giant has been a part of that movement since 1963. By effectively identifying market trends and recognizing product development opportunities, Blue Giant has made strategic decisions that keep the company at the forefront of innovation. Today Blue Giant is a global leader in the development, manufacture and distribution of loading dock systems and material handling equipment, including dock levelers, ground-level lifts, vehicle restraints, touch controls, dock and door guards, door seals and shelters, and HVLS fans.

Below are major milestones in our Blue Giant history, which outline the company’s ability to identify industry trends and needs and successfully accommodate them.


Blue Giant was founded on May 30, 1963 by Kurt Larsen, and quickly became a leading manufacturer of dock levelers and hand pallet trucks.


Blue Giant customer base expanded so rapidly that new product offerings (electric pallet trucks and stackers, dock lifts, and scissor lifts) were introduced to supply the growing demand. Licensee partnerships in Australia and South Africa resulted in Blue Giant dominating the market in both countries.


Blue Giant primary manufacturing location in Brampton, Ontario, was expanded from 35,000 to 100,000 square feet to handle the large influx of orders. In 1985 the company signaled its future focus on product innovation by introducing the TL85, the first non-impact vehicle restraint, to the North American market.


Blue Giant global presence expanded with licensee partnerships in Mexico and Southeast Asia. Demand for Blue Giant product resulted in high-volume sales, such as the order placed by the Singapore Port Authority for 309 mechanical dock levelers. On the material handling front, the company redesigned its industrial truck line to include ergonomic handles and a sleeker, more maneuverable body. The new trucks were easier to use and more compatible with tight spaces, making them a standard feature in busy warehouses and logistics centres.


The new millennium has witnessed tremendous growth in new product development. In 2001 Blue Giant introduced the XDS Extra Dock Safety Series, the only 2-in-1 interlocked dock system that lowered the risk of forklift run-off and overhead door damage. More innovations rapidly followed: the micro-processor-based Blue Genius™ Touch Control Panel, which revolutionized ‘smart’ control technology; the StrongArm™ SVR303 vehicle restraint, whose patented technology and trusted performance made it a winner in Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year competition in 2009; the U-Series dock leveler platform, which reduces deck fatigue by enabling a better distributed load, and the Air Cylinder dock leveler, an industry first that uses the power of air to deliver the same optimum performance that makes Blue Giant dock levelers an industry standard.


Blue Giant continues to expand its product line and global presence. Stocking locations have been opened all over North America, providing customers with quick and cost-effective access to parts and equipment. In 2011, the company entered into a strategic partnership with Big Lift LLC to exclusively distribute the Big Joe brand of AC-powered industrial trucks in Canada. In 2012, Blue Giant launched the StrongArm™ HVR303 electric vehicle restraint and the Air Cylinder Series, the industry’s first air cylinder dock equipment system. Both products are environmentally sustainable, indicating the company’s ongoing support for green building practices and initiatives.

Configure Blue, Blue Giant’s product configuration tool is launched. Configure Blue leads the company into the digital age as well as supports customers’ ability to quickly obtain quotations and approval drawings.


In January Blue Giant launched its U.S. operation, Blue Giant LLC, and opened a new manufacturing facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. This new location focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of the company’s growing line of innovative dock seals and shelters, which includes fixed and inflatable seals, stationary and retractable truck shelters, full access seals, and rain shrouds. In September Blue Giant launched a premium-level Blue Genius™ that incorporates all of the powerful features of the Gold Series, but offers expanded equipment functionality.


The momentum has continued throughout 2014. The company Industrial Truck and Aftermarket portfolios have grown thanks to the addition of several exciting new offerings, and in November Blue Giant launched the VL Vertical Storing Dock Leveler, a next-generation model with unique features that add greater levels of safety and versatility to dock operations.

“Our fifty-year track record as the premier dock equipment solutions provider has earned us a worldwide customer base and a solid place at the forefront of the industry,” says Jeff Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “By ensuring that our dock equipment technology continues to evolve, we as a company will always be able to offer loading dock solutions that match all applications and site requirements.”

In the spring, several team members from Blue Giant completed the CN Tower Climb charity event to help raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund.


The company also marked two years accident-free in the plant in October 2015.


At the start of 2016, Blue Giant launched the Elite Series of inflatable dock seals and shelters that present a versatile form of loading dock protection, with the ability to service the widest variety of trucks and trailers.


Blue Giant announced a new headquarters location in Mississauga, Ontario. The advanced facility upgraded its 80,000 sq ft location in Brampton to nearly twice the capacity – 150,000 sq ft – in Mississauga. As of May the Sales, and Finance departments operate out of the new facility while the manufacturing layout and equipment is being set up.

The Blue Giant team once again completes the CN Tower Climb charity event to help raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund. 


In February 2018, Blue Giant launched ConfigureBLUE™ 2.0, an update to its online configuration and quoting system. One of the most sophisticated and comprehensive quoting tools in the industry, ConfigureBLUE™ makes product selection and quotation faster, smarter, and better than ever. Later this year, Louie Di Pastena was promoted to the position of General Manager at Blue Giant Solutions.

Blue Giant launches manufacturing in its new state of the art manufacturing facility in May.  This includes robotic welding, a 700 ft automated powdercoat paint conveyor line, and source capture fume and dust extraction that is good for the environment. With this the NextGen Dock Leveler is launched, specifically Mechanical and Hydraulic with new Load Classification W-Workhorse; H-Heavy and S- Super. 


Blue Giant continues as a leader in safety products with the launch of the Interlock Chock (ITC) Vehicle Restraint system. The company continues to grow and now has four locations employing 250+ employees: a New Headquarters facility; Blue Giant Solutions (3,500 sq. ft); Manufacturing in Greensboro, North Carolina (40,000 sq. ft); and Manufacturing in Louisville KY. In May the company celebrated the 5-year anniversary of Blue Giant University with nearly 500 students passing through the program. Closing out the year, the company purchased Verti-Lift in December, rebranding the business as Blue Giant Lifts.


In March 2020 Blue Giant was classified as an essential business during Covid-19 lockdowns. The shift to online work and implementation of social distancing measures work to keep business running as usual. In November Steve Graffam was hired as Product Manager (Scissor Lifts). Other employee milestones include Rob Kostenko’s promotion to the role of Sales Manager, Canada, and George Ferreira’s promotion to Plant Manager.

For the third time, the Blue Giant team completes the CN Tower Climb charity event to help raise funds for the World Wildlife Fund. 

It was also an exciting year for product launches, with the addition of the LoMaster™ Dock Lift DL Series, the addition of the NextGen Vertical Storing Dock Leveler, and HingeMaster™ Extreme door seal system to Blue Giant’s comprehensive lineup. 


In 2021 there were a number of notable staffing updates. Ronald Wilsenach was hired as Operations Manager, Steve Barbosa was promoted to President, and Steve Greco was promoted to VP Nation Care. The company also implemented a second shift at its Admiral Location in order to meet growing demands.

Continuing to build out its support for businesses with multiple facilities, Nation C.A.R.E becomes its own business model, providing a centralized contact and billing location for businesses with a need to standardize goals for their equipment, safety, and productivity requirements.


In February, the company made a significant investment in its new Scissor Lift Table Facility in KY, USA. The space is upgraded from 14,000 sq ft and two shipping docks to a 65,000 sq ft premises with 10 shipping docks. Full operations from the facility began in June. The NextGen Dock Leveler product range is extended to include the E-Extreme and U-Ultra Load Classification categories.

Brad Wikston is hired as CFO, Ronald Wilsenach is promoted to VP Operations, Director of Quality Dan Galenesu and Director of Customer Experience, John Vaz are hired. 

Fall is busy, with Blue Giant acquiring a controlling interest in ergonomic lift assist solutions company Cormac Industrial in September. The company has started offering these solutions across North America. 

In October, Gerard Biasutto was nominated to become Chairman Lodem, and in November he was promoted to Director, Product Management. Also in November, the company opened its Courtney Park Facility for the Aftermarket / Customer Experience Team and Blue Genius Controls Manufacturing.


This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the creation of Blue Giant. The company continues to be a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of loading dock safety systems and ergonomic solutions with a commitment to product innovation, quality, and a customer-centric approach. Blue Giant now exports to over 40 countries and works with customer partners to provide solutions for their material handling applications. With 5 facilities across North America, Blue Giant proudly employs more than 400 people as part of our world-class team. 

In April of this year, the Air Powered Next Gen Dock Leveler was launched. The company also launches ergonomics products from Cormac into North America, including Balancers, Jib Arms, and Rail Systems. In addition, 2023 marks 10 years of NationCare as well as 10 years of Blue Giant University.


Blue Giant products are designed, manufactured and tested to stringent quality assurance standards. Blue Giant has memberships in several associations and directories, listed below are some industry links to organizations that deal with construction and material handling needs.

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