Lift Assist Solutions

Blue Giant lift assist solutions are reliable as they comply with the strictest safety standards, improving productivity in different operations.
  • Air Balancers

    Cormac industrial air balancers reduce operator effort and fatigue, increasing productivity and improving quality of work.
    • Easy and safe movement
    • Low maintenance cost
    • Adjustable up/down speed
    • Centrifugal safety brakes
  • EZ Float Handle

    Designed for lifting and positioning applications, it replaces the use of the handle away from the load. Gives the operator the feeling of flotation, which allows them to have greater control of the suspended load.
    • Capacity is determined by available air pressure and the rated capacity of the stick or hoist
    • Steel construction
    • Handling variable weight loads
    • Ergonomic grip
    • Adjustable operating speed
    • Compatible with Air Balancers and Pneumatic Hoists
    • Pneumatic control
  • Jib Arms

    The jib arm works to cover small areas where there is no access with a rail system. Its radial coverage is from 4 to 20 ft, with a 220 degree and 360 degree turn. 

    • Cormac® Ergonomic Aluminum Rail
    • Includes load trolleys for hoists
    • Optional air supply kit
    • Corrosion-free construction