Powered Pallet Trucks

  • LPJ-44

    The LPJ-44 Electric Pallet Truck features a 48V BLDC permanent magnet motor and an easy exchange Li-ion battery that allows it to run longer, recharge faster and move heavy loads of up to 4,400lbs. around with absolute ease.
  • SEPJ-33

    A semi-electric pallet truck for customers who want high performance and excellent value.
  • EPJ-25

    An ideal alternative to manual pallet trucks. With an Easy Exchange Battery, the EPJ-25 makes power issues a non-factor for light duty applications
  • EPJ-30

    Take load handling to a higher level. With the EPJ-30 Powered Pallet Truck, there is no pushing, pulling, or pumping.
  • EPJ-40

    With a compact body and a 24-volt AC motor, the EPJ-40 Powered Pallet Truck delivers precise and powerful operation in tight working environments.
  • EPJ-45

    The EPJ-45 Powered Pallet Truck is great for facilities that frequently handle loads at ground level.