warranty procedure

The following section is a step-by-step guideline for dealers to follow when filing a warranty claim. It is fully understood that Blue Giant must approve the warranty and that Blue Giant retains the right to accept or deny a claim based on the information presented, or condition of items received.
It is the policy of Blue Giant to review all claims submitted in a timely fashion, and to assign each claim with a unique claim number. Upon receipt of the Return Material Authorization (RMA), the dealer has 30 days to return the defective item, and submit all incurred labor charges. Any labor charges not submitted within these 30 days will not be honored.
If an item is not returned within these 30 days, Blue Giant will debit the dealers’ account for these charges. If an item is returned and deemed faulty, the dealer will not be charged. If the item is found not faulty, the dealers’ account will be debited.
All RMA approvals will be applied to the dealer’s balance of the accounts receivable. Under no circumstance is a dealer to deduct payments from outstanding balances.
It is the dealer’s responsibility to ensure that claims and returns are received in a timely fashion. Incomplete or lack of information may result in a claim being denied.
After 60 days, claims will not be re-opened for review. If parts or equipment were purchased more than 60 days ago, they are not eligible for return.



Step 1.
Fill out all sections on the Warranty Claim Form.
Step 2.
Submit the form via email to customersupport@bluegiant.com.
Step 3.
Wait until the Warranty Department returns the form to you. If you send parts back to Blue Giant, include a copy of the warranty claim form and retain an additional copy for your records.

Step 4.
When sending parts back to Blue Giant, all boxes must be clearly marked 'Attention: Warranty Department'. If the parts are not returned within 30 days from the date of the RGA, the claim will be cancelled and the file closed. You may be charged for items not returned. The dealer is required to prepay freight to ship parts back to Blue Giant. Please drain oil from any returned hydraulic components. 

Step 5.
Blue Giant reserves the right to deny or limit credit for product or parts returned in condition other than authorized. Please note: should parts need to be sent to a supplier for further inspection/audit, assessment time(s) will be delayed. Once a decision is returned from the supplier, Blue Giant will notify the dealer if the claim is approved or denied.
If approved, Blue Giant will provide a credit memo. If denied, the dealer will be notified and asked if they wish the parts returned to them. The dealer is responsible for paying freight to return the parts.

Blue Giant ISO9001:1994 registered (between 1996 to 1999) and implements an ongoing internal quality policy.