Air Curtains

Blue Giant air curtains

Blue Giant Air Curtains provide superior environmental separation by keeping out cold winds in winter and hot breezes in summer without compromising visibility levels, ensuring that pedestrian and vehicle traffic remain safe all year round.

Walls of forced air prevent pests and airborne pollutants from infiltrating work environments, maintaining high cleanliness levels that certain applications require. Post-installation energy savings typically cover the purchase price of an air curtain within a year.


  • Aerodynamic compression chamber creates a concentrated air stream that covers the entire doorway with a solid air shield, preventing outside air infiltration while allowing people and equipment to pass freely
  • Re-circulates stratified heat inside the building, cutting down on heating costs during cold weather
  • Constructed with 100% stainless steel components 
  • Quiet, adjustable, and easy to install 

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  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Cold storage and food processing
  • General warehousing

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