Dock Defender Barriers

Blue Giant folding security gates
The Blue Giant Dock Defender is a 42" tall barrier that has been tested to stop 13,500 lbs at 6.5 mph. It’s powder coated, solid steel construction is virtually maintenance free. It features a locking latch mechanism and includes all of the fasteners required for installation. The dock barrier is held together by heavy-duty plate steel hinges that contain 1" pivot pins with oilite bronze self-oiling bushings.

Product Details

  • Personnel protection  
  • Effortless open / close  
  • Ships in 3 pieces  
  • Locking latch mechanism 
  • All steel construction  
  • Made in the USA  
  • All parts included  
  • Functional in tight areas 
  • Optional crawl guards 
BGDB-10 BGDB-10 with Guard  BGDB-20 
BG_DG10CG.png BG_DG10CG.png BG_DG10_In-Use-2.png

Three styles are offered based
on your requirements 

BGDG-10 Series – Single Arm Barrier that fits openings up to 10’ wide
BGDG-10 with Bottom Guard – Single Arm Barrier with Safety Guard for Crawl Protection that fits openings up to 10’ wide*
BGDG-20 Series – Double Arm Barrier that fits openings up to 10’ wide*

*OSHA has new requirements for loading docks, indoor docks, and any other in-plant areas that have
unprotected sides or edges that are 4 feet or higher. These new requirements are designed to keep people safe and to prevent loading dock accidents. BG Single Arm Barriers with Bottom Guards and Double Arm Barriers help meet OSHA compliance.

1910.28(b)(1) – Unprotected sides and edges - Except as provided elsewhere in this section, the employer must ensure that each employee on a walking-working surface with an unprotected side or edge that is 4 feet (1.2 m) or more above a lower level is protected from falling by one or more of the following:
1910.28(b)(1)(i)(A) – Guardrail systems;
1910.28(b)(1)(i)(B) – Safety net systems; or
1910.28(b)(1)(i)(C) – Personal fall protection systems, such as personal fall arrest, travel restraint, or positioning systems. 


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