Blue Giant Equipment Corporation Celebrates Fifty Years of Manufacturing Success

On May 30, Blue Giant Equipment Corporation will be celebrating fifty years in business. This milestone also represents five decades of new product development, manufacturing excellence, and other successes that have made Blue Giant a globally-recognized dock solutions provider.

“Blue Giant’s consistent focus on developing innovative product and providing first-class customer service has enabled us to grow and succeed as a company,” says Bill Kostenko, Chairman.

Blue Giant was founded in 1963 by entrepreneur Kurt Larsen. Output was initially limited to mechanical dock levelers and hand pallet trucks, but as demand grew and the needs of the material handling industry evolved, the company’s product portfolio expanded to include hydraulic dock levelers and vehicle restraints, microprocessor-based touch control panels, and air-powered dock equipment. (The latter category includes the industry’s first air cylinder dock safety system.) Today, Blue Giant dock equipment can be found in such prestigious locations as Facebook headquarters, the Dubai Mall, and the Philadelphia Produce Distribution Centre, which has been called “the world’s largest fridge”.

“Blue Giant is committed to designing and building dock products that address a broad spectrum of material handling needs,” says Jeff Miller, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing. “It’s a dedication that unites our people as a team and represents our customer-driven culture.”

Blue Giant’s product line and global presence both continue to grow. In January 2013 Blue Giant launched its U.S. operation, Blue Giant LLC, and opened a manufacturing facility in Greensboro, North Carolina. This new location manufactures and distributes the company’s growing line of dock seals and shelters.

On May 21st, Blue Giant will be hosting a 50th Anniversary celebration at its corporate headquarters in Brampton, Ontario. City mayor Susan Fennell, company founder Kurt Larsen, and media representatives will be in attendance.

“Blue Giant will continue to shape the future of the material handling industry,” Bill Kostenko promises. “We look forward to another fifty years of delivering the high-quality and innovative loading dock solutions our customers expect from us.”