Introducing ArmorShield by Blue Giant

Blue Giant Equipment Corporation today announced the launch of ArmorShield, a proprietary heavy-duty material designed to drastically increase the lifespan of dock seals and shelters by protecting against puncture and friction damage. 
ArmorShield delivers an innovative solution to the problem of premature material failure due to puncture and friction damage. At nearly 3x the thickness of standard 40oz. vinyl, ArmorShield boasts industry-leading abrasion and puncture resistance, with a best-in-class tensile strength of 1085/537 lbf/inch (pounds of force per inch). 

What makes ArmorShield a truly unique offering is its highly modular nature. Thoughtfully developed with your application in mind, ArmorShield is available in a variety of configurations that can be applied to seal and shelter wear points common to your industry. Whether applied to a new or pre-existing product, ArmorShield is exactly where you need it, when you need it.

ArmorShield also features a unique material composition that allows for unparalleled impact absorption while maintaining a high degree of flexibility, meaning ArmorShield avoids the pitfalls of competitors by retaining its shape—even under extreme pressure.

ArmorShield is available now. Please contact your local Authorized Blue Giant Dealer for more information.