In-Plant Lifts

Blue Giant in-plant lift products can be built in virtually any size and capacity and can be customized to meet specific application requirements. All our in-plant lift tables are ergonomically designed to improve operator efficiency and productivity.

  • Mobile Lift Tables

    Blue Giant’s Mobile Lift Tables help improve ergonomics by placing the load at a convenient working height while providing mobility to easily position the lift where it is needed. Reduce bending, lifting, and reaching by workers, decrease fatigue, and improve productivity.
  • Blue Giant Xpress

    With the Blue Giant Xpress Program there is no need to wait for your lift table to be built, our most popular lift tables are always in stock and available to be shipped within 72 hours of your order being received.
  • Pallet Handling

    Blue Giant can help make your pallet loading and unloading faster and easier. Increase your productivity and efficiency, while also improving ergonomics and minimizing worker fatigue with our pallet handling solutions.
  • Scissor Lift Tables

    Designed to ergonomically position workloads for greater productivity.
    • Standard Duty
    • Wide Base
    • Double Wide Scissor
    • Tandem Long Scissor
    • Double Scissor
    • Zero Ground Level
    • Pneumatic Scissor
  • Tilters & Upenders

    Designed for orienting load positions to provide ergonomic product access.
    • Hydraulic
    • Wide Base
    • Upenders
    • Pneumatic Tilt
  • Turn Tables

    Enhances ergonomics by providing near-side loading and unloading, and 360-degree access.
    • Manual