• Ergonomic Solutions

  • Loading Docks

    Blue Giant loading dock equipment is innovative, technologically advanced, and ensures maximum productivity in the most demanding loading dock environments. No matter what the application, we have a dock solution that offers:
    • Strong and reliable operation
    • Low cost of ownership
    • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Vehicle Restraints

    The Blue Giant StrongArm™ line of vehicle restraints secure all types of trucks and trailers at the loading bay. Hydraulic, electric, air-powered, and mechanical systems available. Protect your staff and equipment from:

    • Vehicle creep
    • Unscheduled truck departures
    • Careless parking
  • Seals and Shelters

    The Blue Giant portfolio of premium dock seals and shelters includes innovative yet durable designs for all needs and applications. Benefits include:

    • Energy conservation and temperature control
    • Safer working conditions
    • Extra protection for products and packaging
  • Touch Controls

    Blue Genius Touch Control Panels are the latest evolution in intelligent dock control technology. Available in the best-selling Gold Series and the new and innovative Master Control Panel.

    • Operate an entire dock system from one convenient and safe location
    • Easy and flawless upgrades
    • Improve efficiency, safety, and productivity
  • In-Plant Lifts

    Blue Giant in-plant lift products can be built in virtually any size and capacity and can be customized to meet specific application requirements. All our in-plant lift tables are ergonomically designed to improve operator efficiency and productivity. With vertical travel ranges from 24" to 72" and load lifting capacities of up to 12000 lbs., our range of heavy-duty lift tables are equipped to handle all your in-plant application needs.

  • HVLS Fans

    Blue Giant HVLS fans technology keeps workplaces cool and comfortable and reduces energy consumption. We have a number of innovative air solutions to suit all applications.

    • Industrial fans
    • Commercial fans
    • Smart controllers
  • Industrial Trucks

    Blue Giant industrial trucks pick up and transport heavy cargo smoothly and efficiently. From AC-powered task support vehicles to simple but efficient manual pallet trucks, Blue Giant has a solution for all your material handling needs.

    • Electrical and manual pallet trucks
    • Straddle stackers
    • Counterbalanced lift trucks