Recycled Steel content

Total Recycled = 23%  Post-Industrial = 85%   Post-Consumer = 6%

What the above means is that of the 23% total recycled content of our product, 85% is post-industrial content, and 6% is post-consumer content.

All dock equipment (including restraints) is accredited for MR Credit 4 (Recycled Content) and MR Credit 5 (Regional Materials), which means that steel is brought to our manufacturing facility from less than 500 miles away.

All dock levelers are accredited for EA Pre-Req 2 (Minimal Energy Performance) because of their hydraulic or air powered lips. Mechanical levelers are additionally accredited for EA Credit 1 (Optimized Energy Performance).

All dock seals are accredited for EA Pre-Req 2 (Minimal Energy Performance) and EA Credit 1 (Optimized Energy Performance).

Vertical storing dock levelers achieve both MR Credit 4 and MR Credit 5 as well as EA Pre-Req 2 and EA Credit 1. When paired with an inflatable dock seal, the vertical storing dock leveler is an excellent choice when quoting LEED certified projects.

Additional Blue Giant LEED documentation can be found in the Document Library under 'Architect Support Materials'.