Dock Levelers

Blue Giant dock levelers have been setting the industry standard for safety, durability and ease of operation since 1963. Designed for demanding applications, each dock leveler offers exceptional performance, reliability, and safety levels as well as a low lifetime cost of ownership.

With pit style, vertical storing, and edge-of-dock models in our equipment portfolio, Blue Giant has a solution for any type of freight-handling need.

  • Xtra Dock Safety

    Available in rated capacities of 30,000 to 80,000 lb (13,636 to 36,364 kg)
    The Blue Giant XDS prevents forklift roll-off and overhead door damage at the loading dock.

  • Vertical Storing Dock Leveler

    The Blue Giant vertical storing dock leveler is the perfect solution for facilities that must maintain strict temperature control.

  • Pit Style

    Blue Giant pit style dock levelers are an integral part of loading bays all over the world. These durable units provide a smooth path for cross-docking traffic, reducing bumps and bouncing that can injure forklift drivers and damage both equipment and cargo.

    The following models are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities to meet any application and budget:

    • Xtra Dock Safety - XDS Series
    • Hydraulic leveler
    • Air-powered leveler
    • Mechanical leveler
  • Edge-of-Dock

    The Blue Giant edge-of-dock leveler is an economical solution for applications that do not support the installation of a pit-style leveler or loading docks that serve standard trailer heights. Edge-of-dock levelers are easy to operate and represent an ergonomic and safer alternative to dock plates.

    Available models:

    • Mechanical
    • Hydraulic