Vehicle Restraints

Blue Giant vehicle restraints are simply designed, easy to use, and can apply up to 35,000lbs (15,875kgs) of restraining force to keep a truck or trailer stationed at the dock. They safeguard against unscheduled departures, trailer creep, and require minimal maintenance.

Blue Giant vehicle restraints service a wide range of carriers, including those with bent or damaged ICC bars, and may be interlocked with dock levelers for enhanced performance. Hydraulic, electric, and mechanical models are available to accommodate site and sustainability requirements.

All vehicle restraints come standard with Blue Genius® touch controls and an interior and exterior LED lights communication system.

  • Hydraulic

    The Blue Giant  StrongArm™ line of hydraulic vehicle restraints are engineered to cope with the toughest applications.

    • Barrier-style and recessed models available
    • Operated by the multi-functional Blue Genius® Gold Series II
    • Flexible engagement range
  • Electric

    The StrongArm™ line includes a versatile electric restraint with a hook-style arm. Advanced engineering and positive holding ability make the HVR303 a loading dock safety asset.

    • Electro-mechanical hook design
    • Sustainable operation
    • Services a wide variety of trailers
  • Mechanical

    The manually operated StrongArm™ ML10 is engaged and released by a single detachable control rod.

    • Secure hold even during power outage situations
    • Can be upgraded to include a lights communication package
    • Safer alternative to wheel chocks alone
  • Wheel Chocking Systems

    Blue Giant wheel chocking systems are an effective way to achieve safety at the loading dock. Not all vehicles are equipped with an ICC bar, or the ICC bar may be damaged, and a vehicle restraint will not suffice in this application. Blue Giant wheel chocking systems secure the trailer and communicate with internal personnel that the trailer is chocked correctly and safe for loading and unloading.  All from a single control station operation.