Best Ergonomic Equipment for Your Warehouse

Technology works best when it enhances the human experience, rather than replacing or distracting from it. The same can be said of ergonomic warehouse equipment. Assistive technology used in the workplace should support ergonomics in a straightforward and tangible way. In other words, the best ergonomic equipment for your warehouse is designed with both the worker and specific working conditions in mind. But before we dive into the logistics of ergonomic warehouse equipment, let us look at the importance of ergonomics in the workplace.

The Importance of Ergonomic Warehouse Equipment

Despite recent advances in technology and safety regulations, human error is occasionally unavoidable. Accidents still happen on the job. Yet experts agree that most workplace injuries are preventable. Some of the most common but preventable job-related injuries involve overexertion; slips, trips, and falls; elevated falls; collisions; machine entanglement; and poor ergonomics.

As you can see from the items listed above, there are plenty of potential workplace hazards. Fortunately, the best ergonomic warehouse equipment can help to prevent many of them. Investing in the right ergonomic solutions for your warehouse will inevitably reduce the amount and severity of injuries; thereby increasing safety, presenteeism, productivity, and profitability.

Best Ergonomic Warehouse Equipment

So, what is the right ergonomic solution for your warehouse? Solutions will vary depending on the exact industry and warehouse requirements. However, there is a wide variety of ergonomic warehouse equipment available in today’s market, and products can often be customized to meet any unique or specific needs. Here are some of the best equipment options for consideration:
  1. In-Plant Lifts. In-Plant Lifts are ergonomically-designed to improve operator efficiency through strategic load positioning and distribution. By providing easier access to necessary materials, workers are less likely to injure themselves from overexertion as pulling, pushing, and lifting are kept to a bare minimum. Increased speed and productivity are also healthy by-products of this ergonomic warehouse equipment. Different types of In-Plant Lifts include Scissor Lift Tables, Tilters & Upenders, and Turn Tables. 
  2. Industrial Trucks. Industrial Trucks are built to increase warehouse and loading dock productivity and reduce the risk of worker injury. Collectively, they can be used to perform multiple functions such as order-picking, high speed load transport, loading dock work, tugging, and elevation of the work platform. Various types of Industrial Trucks are available, including Manual Pallet Trucks, Powered Pallet Trucks, Rider Pallet Trucks, Walkie Stackers, and Task Support Vehicles.
  3. Lift Assist Solutions. Lift Assist Solutions are assistive devices used to improve productivity in different operations. For example, an Air Balancer helps to reduce operator effort and fatigue to increase productivity and improve quality of work. Another powerful Lift Assist Solution is a Float Handle. This ergonomic warehouse equipment is designed for lifting and positioning applications by replacing the use of the handle away from the load. Jib Arms are a good example of a convenient equipment option for covering small areas where there is no access with a rail system. Each Lift Assist Solution helps to make the warehouse a safer and more comfortable environment.
  4. HVLS Fans. HVLS fans technology keeps workplaces comfortable and lowers energy consumption. By improving airflow, fans regulate internal temperatures to such a degree that heating and cooling costs go down. Properly managed airflow makes employees more comfortable, which translates into higher productivity, improved morale, and better health. There are a number of innovative air solutions to suit all applications.

The Best Ergonomic Warehouse Equipment for Your Warehouse

Ergonomic warehouse equipment is a must-have in every manufacturing space. In order for workers to achieve their full potential and avoid possible injury on the job, they require a safe, comfortable working environment. When workers are in a positive frame of mind and good overall health, quality production is hastened.

As discussed, there are numerous ergonomic solutions available to explore and your warehouse will benefit from an individualized approach to equipment acquisition. When it comes to the success of your business, the right ergonomic equipment can make all the difference to workplace health and productivity. Some of the best available ergonomic warehouse equipment includes In-Plant Lifts, Industrial Trucks, Lift Assist Solutions, and HVLS Fans. These options are frequently adjustable to meet your specific warehouse needs.