Blue Giant: Best Dock Shelter Manufacturers in North America

Those working in the manufacturing industry can appreciate the considerable advantages of a well-made dock shelter. The loading dock bay of any warehouse is a high traffic area that facilitates the loading and unloading of goods. Within this busy environment, workers, vehicles, machinery, and loads frequently intersect. The best dock shelter is designed to offer protection from outdoor elements such as rain, snow, debris, and contaminants, which could potentially cause physical harm or material damage. 

But what exactly is a loading dock shelter? A dock shelter consists of a canopy above and around the overhead loading dock door opening, surrounding the transport trailer rear opening. It serves as a flexible junction from the vehicle to the facility with a barrier against meteorological conditions.

Best Dock Shelter Features

The best dock shelters all have important factors in common. Since the purpose of a dock shelter is to provide safe, effective coverage for valuable resources, the best dock shelters account for safety, adaptability, and longevity. In other words, a dock shelter must be secure enough to provide solid protection for workers, flexible enough to accommodate different applications, and durable enough to make this long-term investment worthwhile. Let’s review the best dock shelter companies in North America and what sets them apart from the rest.

Best Dock Shelter Companies in North America

Blue Giant

Based in North America, Blue Giant Equipment Corporation has been serving the needs of customers across the globe for 60 years. Blue Giant remains the premier provider of safe, effective, and innovative loading docks, and material handling equipment solutions. Every product is developed with operator safety top of mind. And when it comes to the best dock shelters, Blue Giant tops the list. 

All Blue Giant shelters support full-trailer access while maintaining a secure seal across the top and sides. Blue Giant’s distinctive selection of dock shelters is tailored to provide variable, cost-effective, and long-lasting protection from environmental conditions that impact worker safety and productivity. With five different types of shelters (and six select models) available to choose from, docks of all kinds are covered. These innovative loading dock shelters include:
  • Hingemaster – A sealing solution made to order. For next-level value and performance, the Hingemaster can be constructed from premium durability fabrics and customized for any unique or site-specific applications.
  • Hingemaster Extreme – Perfect for climate-controlled facilities. This dock shelter is designed to create an EXTREME seal around trailer doors, thereby preventing energy loss inside while leaving pests and debris outside.
  • Foam Frame – An ideal solution for tailgate or standard trailers. The Foam Frame Shelter enables unrestricted access to the interior of a truck, and has no mechanical parts, preventing complications that may arise from conventional seals and shelters.
  • Full Access – A unique, energy-efficient option. As the name suggests, this dock shelter also provides FULL ACCESS to the trailer interior. An adjustable head curtain and vertical pads help to ensure appropriate protection. 
  • Retractable Shelter – Lasting protection for palletized loads. This dock shelter has a collapsible frame designed to retract on impact, reducing pressure against the curtains and extending the life of the unit.
  • Stationary Shelter – An optimal choice for facilities that serve different trailer types and sizes. The Stationary Shelter is built to accommodate larger transport vehicles and protect cross-docking traffic from weather conditions.


Rite-Hite is a leader in the manufacture, sale, and service of loading dock equipment, safety barriers, HVLS fans, industrial curtain walls, and more. This Canadian manufacturer has a longstanding reputation for safety, quality, and innovation. Much like Blue Giant, Rite-Hite is committed to looking ahead and finding creative solutions to improve the industrial landscape with extensive product offerings.

At Blue Giant, we take a more streamlined approach to innovative loading dock and material handling equipment solutions. Rather than offering a finite number of possibilities, our products are carefully curated to provide only the best available options to our loyal customers.

Nova Technology

Nova Technology first opened its doors to the public in 1986. Since that time, Nova has brought innovation and reliability to the loading dock equipment industry. Their line of effective, durable, and user-friendly products includes dock levelers, dock lifts, loading dock accessories, and dock seals and shelters, among others. With values such as service and excellence, Nova is on a mission to provide the highest quality of loading dock safety and efficiency solutions that surpasses evolving customer needs.

Blue Giant shares Nova’s goal to prioritize consumer safety and satisfaction. With 60 years of helping customers around the world, we have the historical knowledge and proven experience to develop high quality products that enhance warehouse safety and efficiency. By effectively identifying market trends and recognizing product development opportunities, we continue to evolve and remain at the forefront of innovation.

Loading Dock Company (LDS)

Loading Dock Company (LDS) is a dependable partner in the loading dock industry, offering a broad range of materials and accessories to make loading docks better. Products include dock seals, dock shelters, inflatable seals, and inflatable shelters, along with other merchandise. In addition to their extensive product line, LDS provides personal attention, service and support, and fast delivery.  

When it comes to a comprehensive product line and personal attention, Blue Giant is all in. We are dedicated to product innovation and excellence, as demonstrated in our collection of ergonomic and user-friendly equipment solutions. Every Blue Giant product is designed, manufactured, and tested to stringent quality assurance standards. Blue Giant’s customer-centric business approach continues to transform the material handling industry with every solution we provide.

Find the Best Dock Shelter for Your Needs

The best dock shelters are safe, adaptable, and built to last. Some of the best dock shelter manufacturers in North America include Blue Giant, Rite-Hite, Nova Technology, and Loading Dock Company. As a global leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of innovative loading dock and material handling equipment, Blue Giant is second to none. Blue Giant’s incomparable line of loading dock seals and shelters are designed to help keep workers safe and accommodate site-specific needs with lasting protection.