Blue Giant HVLS fans technology keeps workplaces comfortable, lowers energy consumption, and can contribute to LEED certification in certain categories.

By improving airflow, our fans regulate internal temperatures to such a degree that heating and cooling costs go down. In facilities without a HVAC system, Blue Giant HVLS fans can act as a cooling system, lowering effective temperatures up to 8°F across the fan’s coverage area. The fans are designed to run in reverse during the cooler months, forcing trapped air down from the ceiling and distributing it evenly throughout the workplace. Typical heat savings of 20% or more.

Properly managed airflow makes employees more comfortable, which translates into higher productivity, improved morale, and better health.

We have a number of innovative air solutions to suit all applications.

  • Gearbox series

    Blue Giant durable, heavy-duty HVLS Gearbox series an excellent solution for extensive industrial facilities. 

    • Heavy-duty
    • Self-cooling
    • Energy efficient
  • Direct Drive series

    Blue Giant HVLS Direct Drive series keeps workplaces cool and comfortable and reduces energy consumption.

    • Lightweight
    • Oil-free
    • Energy efficient 
    • Cost-effective
  • Fan Controllers

    The Blue Giant HVLS fan controllers put the power of air right at your fingertips. Our fully-integrated panels allow you to control the speed and change the direction of one or more HVLS fans for maximum convenience and versatility.