Tilters & Upenders

  • Hydraulic

    Hydraulic tilters are designed for applications where tilting the load provides improved access to the product. They come with 30°, 60° and 90° tilting angles.
  • Wide Base

    Wide Base Hydraulic tilters are ideal for all tilting applications that require a wider platform size. These units come with a standard base and platform of 60" x 60" and a maximum platform size of 120" x 120".
  • Upenders

    The 90° Upenders are perfect for the safe re-positioning of pallet loads and odd shaped objects such as rolls or coils.
  • Pneumatic Tilt

    Pneumatic Tilters are 100% air actuated and are ideal in applications where hydraulic equipment (oils and fluids) is prohibited. They feature 30° and 45° of tilt for easy product access and storage.
  • Scissor Lift & Tilt

    Blue Giant Scissor Lift and Tilt Tables offer the most in ergonomic product positioning.