Vehículos de apoyo de tareas

Los vehículos de apoyo de tareas de Blue Giant desempeñan una variedad de funciones de gestión de material, mantienen los tamaños de las flotillas a un número manejable y mejoran la eficiencia.
  • BG1

    The BG1 is a great alternative to a rolling ladder where elevation of personnel is required to complete and simplify tasks
  • BG2-72

    The BG2-72 is a compact and highly maneuverable vehicle designed for low level order picking and pallet staging
  • BG2-126/144

    The BG2-126/144 combines the advantages of a counterbalanced forklift with exceptional maneuverability for mid level order picking and pallet staging
  • BG Zero

    The BG Zero is a compact and flexible solution designed to eliminate ladders and improve productivity in the workplace
  • BG E-Step

    The BG E-Step provides access to low level work, efficiently handles a variety of tasks and eliminates exposure to falls and injuries by replacing low level ladders