HingeMaster™ Extreme

Maintain a clean, energy-efficient environment by sealing the hinge gaps in your facility. A fully integrated galvanized head frame diverts rain water away from the loading dock area, ensuring a safe work environment.


Designed to accommodate 10' wide by 10.5' high (3,048 mm x 3,200 mm) door openings, the HingeMaster™ is a full-access dock shelter with superior sealing efficiency. 

Durable head unit made from pressure-treated lumber and measuring 140" (3,556 mm) wide, with a 36" (914 mm) head curtain.


  • Interchangeable J-hooks are low profile and provide a top to bottom seal without limiting access to the trailer interior, eliminating the hinge gap on barn style trailer doors.
  • Durable side frames easily absorb impact from a misaligned trailer preventing damage to the frame and are built to last.
  • Top and side curtains are made from high-tear vinyl, and include fiberglass supports which complete the seal and maintain continual pressure against the trailer at the loading dock.
  • Projection starting at 21" (533 mm).
  • 22 oz. Hi-Tear vinyl base fabric.
  • Two vertical foam side pads with removable curtains for ease of maintenance.
  • High-visibility yellow guide stripes.
  • Replaceable foam bottom pads for easy maintenance and secure sealing.
*Products Highlights apply to both models.

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  • Cargo handling in climate-controlled buildings or facilities where high cleanliness levels are required, such as food, beverage, and pharmaceutical storage
  • Bottling plants, automotive facilities, and other applications that require full access to the trailer interior

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