Wheel Chocking Systems

Blue Giant wheel chocking systems are an effective way to achieve safety at the loading dock. Not all vehicles are equipped with an ICC bar, or the ICC bar may be damaged, and a vehicle restraint will not suffice in this application. Blue Giant wheel chocking systems secure the trailer and communicate with internal personnel that the trailer is chocked correctly and safe for loading and unloading. All from a single control station operation.
Our intelligent wheel chocking systems are integrated with Blue Genius controls and provide the highest level in loading dock safety, productivity and communication. Avoid premature departures, trailer creep, and create a safer environment, protecting people, facilities, and equipment.
  • Interlock Chock

    An integrated safety solution that provides communication between loading dock personnel and
    trailer operators.
    • Accommodate a wide variety of vehicles while increasing safety and productivity
    • Seamless communication between interior and exterior operators
    • Single control station interlocking operation