Mechanical Dock Leveler

With innovative features such as U-beam deck support and a highly efficient ratchet hold-down system, the Blue Giant mechanical dock leveler has an industry-wide reputation for quality and performance.

Available in rated capacities of 30,000 to 45,000 lb (13,636 to 20,455 kg)

Powerful Hold-Down System

The Blue Giant Mechanical Dock Leveler has a cadmium-plated hold-down system that maintains constant contact between the dock lip and the trailer bed, ensuring compatibility with air-ride trailers. Operation remains smooth and quiet during loading / unloading.

PRODUCT Highlights

  • Minimum of 6 U-beam channels supporting the deck
  • Deck flex of up to 4" (102 mm) when under load
  • Reduces the risk of dock leveler ‘pop-up’
  • Easy-Pull for quicker and easier deployment

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  • Explosive substances (fertilizer storage, sawmills)
  • Box builds
  • Non-powered locations

available upgrades


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